Lodestone is a founding member of Asia Pacific Superyacht Association and every member shares one goal in mind, to promote and expand the superyacht industry in the region. We have local knowledge of individual countries and market intelligence.

HONG KONG is a vibrant international metropolis located in the heart of Asia and off the coast of South China Sea.  The Pearl of the Orient has a long history of Chinese roots and is deeply indulged in its tradition; while she was also ruled by the British for over 100 years until 1997.  Hong Kong is truly the best example where the East meets West.  We have all the special cuisines from all over the world and you will find yourself soaked in a fusion of eastern and western cultures combined in one city.

HONG KONG has one of the most unique landscape on earth, with more than 100 outlying islands, 50 sq. km of seas and a hilly peninsula.  She offers all her visitors spectacular bays and beaches.  From February to June, you can enjoy the comfortable subtropical climate at a very pleasant temperature; a hot and humid summer with occasional typhoons in summer; and a mild winter which still allows certain outdoor activities.

Coordinates: 22 15N, 114 10E
Total Area: 1,104 sq. km with over 260 islands
Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Victoria Harbor & A Symphony of Lights Show

The Peak Tower & The Peak Tram

“Big Buddha” Tian Tan Monastery & Chinese Temples

Global Geopark (50sq/km) & Wetland Parks

Ocean Park & Disneyland Theme Parks

Michelin Starred Restaurants & Local Delicacies

5 Star International Hotels & Luxury Shops